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This family-owned business is motivated by three generations of farmers who have grown top-quality, nutritious foods across Jamaica from farms in St. Elizabeth, St. Mary, and Portland. Our work is driven by values to guide decisions about what we do and where and how we work.

SANKHARD’s business model is focused on four pillars: securing the freshest and most highly-flavored fruits and vegetables; manufacturing our value-added products in quality standard approved facilities; maintaining social and value-added financial relationships with our suppliers, and distributing our products locally and to the diaspora internationally.

SANKHARD Company Limited, the owners of the Springvale brand of products, is an agro-processing company that works in a socially responsible manner to bring the finest quality Jamaica products to tables globally while improving the quality of life of our suppliers (farmers) and their families, policymakers, and factories to assist them in putting in place the systems they need to plan, grow, harvest, evaluate and report on the work that they do.

This further impacts the country and generations. We use Jamaican fresh-sourced local fruits and vegetables to develop innovative foods that resonate with local and international consumers. Thus, ensuring that the resulting value-added products are nutritionally sound and with the best taste.

Our Products

For many years the Springvale Estate farm near Fruitful Vale, Portland, supplied Blue Mountain coffee beans for sale to local coffee processors. After noticing a lack of use for local fruits, many of which were on the farm, a keen interest was developed in using these to create innovative Jamaica-inspired condiments. The Springvale brand was born in 2011 with our line of vinaigrette. Our food offerings use fresh-sourced produce (fruits, herbs, and recently harvested vegetables) to make their products. The company became Sankhard in 2016 and is still the only company with an extensive line of Jamaican Salad Dressings.

  •  Salad Dressings – our line of Springvale OMD! (Oh, My Dressing!) Salad Dressings showcase the diversity of Jamaican cuisine with flavours such as Mango-Ginger, June Plum-Lemon Grass Basil, Guava-Rosemary, Caribbean, Creamy Caribbean, Cucumber-Citrus, as well as fruit-based Thousand Island and may also be used as dips alongside favourite party snacks.
  • Soups and Broths – Creamy Pumpkin Coconut soup is mild and spicy and has a variety of Gungo Peas. These have led the way to Creamy Callaloo Coconut soup. 
  • Ketchup and Sauces – In 2015, we added Pumpkin Ketch UP and Spicy Pumpkin Ketch UP, which was our foray into the sauces category. We now have a variety of fruit-flavored Jerk and Barbeque sauces that include amazing combinations like Pumpkin BBQ sauce with Guava and Pumpkin Coconut Pasta sauce. 
  • Vinaigrette and Marinades – Springvale Sorrel Vinaigrette launched the brand in the local market. Other local ingredients formed new vinaigrettes such as Guava, June Plum, Spicy Mange, and Otaheite rounded out the initial offerings. We recently added jerk and Pineapple-Ginger varieties. The vinaigrette may be used as vegetable and meat protein marinades, thereby fulfilling the mantra of being “Your Everything Dressing.”
  • Spreads – The variety of Springvale spreads is as unusual as exciting. Varieties of chutneys and jams include Sorrel, Mango, and Jackfruit, and then there are the fruity pepper jellies that take things to a higher level with Pineapple, June Plum, and Sorrel options.
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Recent Special Events

Speciality & Fine Food Fair

This is a socially conscious agro-processing operation with a mission to raise the standard of living of our suppliers and their families while bringing the world the highest quality Jamaican products. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of culinary products, from seasonings to packaged meals.

International Food & Drink Event

The International Food Exhibition (IFE) is the UK's premier food and drink industry event. Every year, professionals in the food and drink sector from all over the world get together to network, seek new goods, and trade.

Awards and Collaborations

We have been a part of the Jamaica Manufacturers Association, now the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) since the development of the Springvale brand. The company was awarded the JMEA N. Gordon–Rowe "Buy Jamaican" Award in October 2013 and in September 2014 received the "Special Recognition Award for Community Development" and the Eddie Hall Award for "New Manufacturer of the Year". In 2014 the National Bakery selected the company as one of the eight Bold Ones in manufacturing for the country. Since the brand’s presence is significant to the Jamaican consumer, Springvale products have been recognized by the Jamaica Observer at their Annual Tabletop awards, and has been successfully represented at the Jamaica Expo. The company has also partnered with several development agencies and has a relationship with the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), the EXIM bank, JAMPRO and the Rural Agricultural Development Agency (RADA) to name a few.
Sankhard Co. Ltd. strongly supports Jamaican owned businesses, suppliers and our people. In so doing we build Jamaica
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The Springvale brand of products is made at Bureau of Standards-approved production facilities. We utilize local fruits, vegetables, and inputs to support the mantra of ‘Buy Jamaican, Build Jamaica.’ This further strengthens the Jamaican manufacturing presence in the marketplace. However, our biggest investment is with our suppliers, the hard-working Jamaican men and women farmers. We salute them.

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