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Salad on your plate?

Health is the New Trend

The world has seen a paradigm shift in recent years that has many health practitioners jumping for joy. It’s Health. Never before has there been more focus on what we are putting in and on our bodies. This trend has a long way to go before it is main stream, but we can’t help but celebrate the strides it has made thus far. One aspect of this trend is an age old line that doctors have been telling their patients day in and out- “Eat more green, leafy vegetables.” Now salads are as equivalent to the health conscious as cats are to the internet.


Eat up!

Salad Dressing

In light of these changes, people are more keen to stock up on their vegetables. Often times however, individuals will slather their vegetables in salad dressing to make it more appealing to the palette. This reduces the nutritional value of the vegetables you are eating to almost zilch! The studies done on this behaviour points to salad dressings making salads more unhealthy than burgers. After these studies hit the news stands it left many feeling that they either should:

  1. Just eat whatever they want.
  2. Suffer through eating bland vegetables.

Salad is your Friend with the Right Dressing

Research shows however that marrying your salad to the right dressing is a match made in heaven. Here is a check list of ingredients to avoid when shopping for dressing.

  • High Fructose Syrup – Avoid this ingredient at all cost. It spikes your blood sugar and throws your bodies regulatory systems of track.
  • MSG
  • Artificial Colours – read this article about food being brightly coloured and dangerous.
  • Artificial Flavours

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Temple Hall, St. Andrew, Jamaica W.I