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Live Fruitfully!

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality Jamaican fruit-based products at the best value and made by proud, skilled Jamaicans!

We carefully evaluate all the ingredients that go into our formulas, so that our customers get the best and freshest products. When you open a Springvale product you can taste the depth of flavor and care put into each bottle.

The methods we use to farm are environmentally sustainable and geared towards uplifting the farming communities we work with.


Quality and Healthy

We have high standards and our goal is to provide you with the highest quality products we possibly can.

  • All products meet quality standards
  • Responsible Farming & Sustainability
  • Creating community growth
  • No MSG, Gluten, Artificial color or flavor to be found here.
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The Husband and Wife team that runs Sankhard Ltd. The parent company of Spring Vale Enterprises

Both Sandra and Richard McLiesh believe in the power of living a healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship.

“We aim to successfully make products that are Jamaican and share it with the rest of the world so that Jamaicans and Jamaican food lovers everywhere can experience a taste of Jamaican goodness.” - Sandra


Our company name is Sankhard Company Limited. We can be referred to as Sankhard Co. Ltd or Sankhard. We were formerly Spring Vale Enterprises.

Spring Vale Enterprise was founded in Portland in 2011 and is headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica. The idea of selling fruit products came from the business proprietor, Sandra McLeish and from her property in Fruitful Vale, Portland. For many years she had used the property to supply coffee beans for sale to local coffee processors. After noticing a lack of Jamaican presence in the salad dressings in the retail markets, she developed a keen interest in using local fruits to create a new and Jamaican-inspired set of vinaigrette and salad dressings. The line of vinaigrette includes fruit flavors such as Guava, Sorrel, Mango, Otaheite Apple and June Plum. While the salad dressings consist of fruit flavors infused with herb and were developed with the ideas of utilizing local Jamaican ingredients. Spring Vale uses what it characterizes as “fresh-sourced” produce (fruits, herbs and vegetables that have recently been harvested) to make its products.

Additionally, the vinaigrette maybe used as marinades for meat and other protein dishes thereby fulfilling the mantra of being “Your Everything Dressing”. The ultimate vision of the Spring Vale team is to support Jamaican manufacturing presence in the trade and to strive for import replacement. In keeping with the management vision for developing the local fruit industry Spring Vale products are made at Bureau of Standards approved production facilities in rural Jamaica.

Quickly after being founded, the vinaigrette and salad dressings were picked up by local distributors which have allowed the Spring Vale brand of products to be found island wide.

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Where are currently found in over 130 stores located across the island.